Returning strength in the crypto market, the rise in the prices of top cryptocurrencies including bitcoin

Most of the major cryptocurrencies looked to move towards stability on Thursday after a weak rally over the past few days. Some cryptocurrencies have seen gains of up to 17 percent as the cryptocurrency market corrects once again.

All cryptocurrencies in the top 10 with the exception of stablecoins were trading higher than the previous day at 9 am on Thursday against the dollar. Polkadot surged 15 per cent while Solana dominated the market with a gain of over 14 per cent.

The dwindling risk on the Evergrand crisis in China has also boosted the morale of crypto investors. Prior to this, cryptocurrencies had seen selloff along with equities due to the risk of default in the Chinese rear state company. However, the seven-day return of the digital token is still showing a sell-off effect and remains in the red.

bitcoin price hike
Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, has traded up more than 4 percent over the past day and has crossed the $43,000 mark. In the same month, bitcoin jumped 4 percent while bitcoin’s rival and the second digital currency by market cap, ether, jumped 9 percent. Ether was trading above $3000 on Thursday.

Talking about the global market cap of cryptocurrencies, it has increased by 7 percent to $1.97 trillion in the last 24 hours.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies at 9 am
Bitcoin up 4.60 percent at $44,108
Ethereum at $3105.19, up 8.20 percent in 24 hours
Cardano traded up 11.26 percent at $2.28
Tether 1 dollar down 0.01 percent in 24 hours
Binance Coin $378.54, up 7.02 percent
XRP trades at $1, up 9.09 percent
Solana reached a price of $148.21, a strong jump of 13.99 percent
Polkadot at $31.90, up 16.26 percent
USD Coin at $0.99, down 0.03 percent
Dogecoin price $0.22, up 10 percent

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