PM Narendra Modi meets leading American CEOs from key sectors Adobes Shantanu Narayen said Always a pleasure to hear about his vision – International news in Hindi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in America, on Thursday met with CEOs of five major companies from different sectors. Among the five companies whose top executives PM Modi met are Adobe CEO Shantanu Narain and General Atomics CEO Vivek Lal of Indian-Americans. Regarding the meeting with PM Modi and CAO of Adobe, the Ministry of External Affairs said that the discussion between the Prime Minister and Shantanu Narain was focused on providing smart education to the youth and leveraging technology to enhance research in India.

After the meeting, Narayan said that it is always great to know about his (Prime Minister Modi) vision on how to expand in India. One of the key topics we talked about was continued investment in innovation. He said technology is the way forward.

Speaking about the National Education Policy, Narayan said that it is people’s greatest asset and Adobe supports greater emphasis on education. He said that for us, our biggest asset is people. Whatever it takes to encourage education, having digital literacy helps Adobe. We are very supportive of greater emphasis and interest in education.

PM Modi later said that they discussed interesting ideas related to ed-tech, supporting Indian start-ups and promoting innovation. PM Modi tweeted that Shantanu expressed his desire to take the joy of videos and animations to every child of India.

Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi also met General Atomics CEO Vivek Lal. Vivek Lal is an American of Indian origin. Besides Narayan, PM Modi held separate meetings with CEOs of Qualcomm, First Solar, General Atomics and Blackstone Group. Appreciating the leadership of the Prime Minister, First Solar CEO Mark R Widmar said that the Government of India has struck a strong balance between industry and trade policies.

At the same time, the Head of First Solar during the meeting with PM Modi spoke about the use of the ambitious Production Based Incentive (PLI) scheme of the Government of India for manufacturing solar power equipment with unique ‘thin-film’ technology and the global supply in this matter to India. Shared plans to join the series. According to sources, Widmar appreciated India’s policies related to climate change and related industries. The CEO of First Solar said that all countries should emulate what India has done to deal with the challenges of climate change.


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