Bangladesh reaches the United Nations, urges India to resolve the maritime boundary dispute

Dhaka. The Bangladesh government has now reached the United Nations after failing to resolve the maritime boundary with India in the Bay of Bengal for the last several decades. The Bangladesh government has appealed to the United Nations to help resolve the dispute with India. It is being told that the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations on Monday filed two appeals against India before the UN Secretary General. Bangladesh has opposed India’s claim of a straight baseline in the Bay of Bengal. Turkish news agency Anadolu has given this information citing sources. The agency quoted former Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque as saying, “This issue between the two neighboring countries has been hanging for the last several years. Even after several talks so far, both the sides have failed to resolve this border dispute.

Haq said, ‘Now both sides have gone to the United Nations and we hope that the world’s largest platform will provide a lasting solution.’ However, he said that Bangladesh has fulfilled its role by filing its petition before the United Nations and will now face the process of mediation in the UN. Earlier in April, the Government of India had opposed Bangladesh’s baseline by sending a letter to the United Nations.

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Chaudhry Rafikul Abrar, an expert on international affairs at Dhaka University, says the Bay of Bengal is a wonderful resource for Bangladesh and its absolute sovereignty over its legal maritime territory is linked to the country’s sovereignty. He appealed to India to follow the rules of the maritime law of the United Nations in the resolution of disputes. He said that both India and Bangladesh are friendly countries and will accept any decision of the United Nations.

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