French woman became crorepati instantly selling old painting at home sankri

It is said that whenever he gives, he tears the roof. This proverb fits perfectly on a woman living in France. The life of this woman was being spent in extreme poverty. Sometimes he did not have money for food and drink. But this woman had no idea that there was a treasure of crores lying in her house, that too in front of her eyes. Yes, Painting Worth Millions was kept in the woman’s house itself, but she was not even aware of it.

The matter came to light from the Companion in the northern part of France, a painting was hanging in the kitchen of an elderly woman living here for years. None of the members of the house had any idea that one day this painting would turn their fortunes upside down. This painting above the stove was turning black with smoke. But this was no ordinary painting. This was a 13th century rare painting, which was sold for about Rs 188 crore.

the treasure was rotting
The identity of this poor woman has been hidden. But it was told that apart from him, no member of the house had any idea of ​​the importance of this painting. The woman had said many times that she thinks this painting is special. But no one believed him. This year, when the woman changed her old house, a person who came to buy her furniture caught sight of this painting. From then on his luck turned.

13 century painting
Millions found in auction
The man told the woman that this is not such a painting. This is a 13th century art which was prepared by Cheemabue Artist. He was a famous artist of his time. He used to paint on a piece of wood. However, he did not sign any of his artworks. But the person was quite sure that this is the painting of the same artist. This was confirmed when he showed the painting at the Acton auction center in Paris. This painting was later sold for about Rs 188 crore. Right now the woman has got some part of it. But by the end of this month, he will get the remaining amount.

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