Big accident in Bangalore, Audi car collided with electric pole, 7 killed including MLA’s son and daughter-in-law

This road accident in Bangalore happened late on Monday night. According to the report, 7 people had gone out for a walk in an Audi car at night. During this, the car collided with a pole on the side of the road.

7 people died in a car accident in Bangalore late on Monday night. The son of a Tamil Nadu MLA and his wife are also among the dead. According to the police, all were in the Audi car and it was at high speed. During this, the driver lost control of the car and the car rammed into a street light pole on the side of the road.

According to the information received, the VVIP number was registered on the car and no one was wearing a seat belt. A CCTV video of the incident has also surfaced in which the car is seen hitting the pole at high speed.

According to reports, 6 people died on the spot in the accident. This includes three women. At the same time, one person died in the hospital.

DMK MLA Y Prakash’s son Karuna Sagar and his wife Bindu were among the group that went out for a night out in the city. It is being told that the age of all was between 20 and 30 years. The collision was so strong that the car blew up. The front part of the car was confined to the inside.

Y Prakash is the MLA from Hosur in Tamil Nadu. At present, a case has been registered at the Aduguri traffic station. The police is investigating the matter. It is also being investigated whether the person driving the vehicle was intoxicated.

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