Completion of Nord Stream 2 suspended due to weather conditions

Storms and strong winds returned to the Baltic in August, which put the construction work on Nord Stream 2 on hold.

According to meteorologists, the weather may improve on the night of September 1. For several days, the pipe-laying barge Fortuna operated at its maximum speed of 1200 meters per day. But on the evening of August 29, a wind rose in the Baltic Sea, and the vessel suspended work on the second line of the gas pipeline in the German economic zone. About six kilometers remain to lay the vessel before the completion of construction.

In the area of ​​laying works, the wind speed reaches 12-15 meters per second, as follows from the data of the Swedish Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology (SMHI). Calmer weather is expected after September 1, writes EADaily.

The Federal Office for Shipping and Hydrography of Germany (BSH) previously issued a message that the last section of Nord Stream 2 in German waters is planned to be completed by September 12. The building permit is valid until the end of September.

In anticipation of a drop in gas prices after the launch of the gas pipeline, European traders are in no hurry to buy Russian fuel. In August, the volume of supplies decreased to less than 440 cubic meters per day.

Meanwhile, Ukraine does not lose hope of blocking the project. Local politicians called on US President Joe Biden to take a tough stance on the SP-2 issue, Russkaya Planeta reported.

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