Tokyo Paralympics Ranjeet Bhati originally hails from Adarsh Nagar and quit his job to practice javelin throw

Athletes from the Industrial District will throw the javelin at 3 pm today at the ongoing Paralympics in Tokyo. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the residents about this. Ranjeet’s father Rambir Singh and mother Vaijanti have been praying for their son’s victory since morning. At the same time, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the residents about Ranjeet’s competition. They have arranged to watch the match at Ranjeet’s house itself.

Ranjeet Singh Bhati originally hails from Adarsh ‚Äč‚ÄčNagar and left his job to practice javelin throwing, taking inspiration from the film based on the life of former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Ranjeet comes from a farming family. Due to this, he had a lot of problems traveling to the Paralympics. Financial constraints tried to hinder the practice several times, but Ranjeet overcame them with his intelligence.

Ranjeet had become a victim of the Yamuna Express road accident in the year 2012. It took three years to recover. After full recovery, he was learning the work of skill development in Delhi with the help of an NGO. He was leading a completely normal life. In the year 2015, Ranjeet became friends with a person named Pradeep. He told Ranjeet about Para sports.

After this Ranjeet started practicing at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Due to the job, he was unable to give time to the game. He was very strict about his job and sports. Quit the job without consulting at home and fully engaged in practice. Due to financial constraints, he left the Nehru Stadium and started practicing in the State Sports Complex Sector-12 from the year 2017. It was here that the Deputy Director of Sports met Girraj Singh. He helped Ranjeet all the way.

The financial condition of Ranjeet’s house is not very good. Due to the poor financial condition of the family, he could never speak for financial support. Many times such a situation also came that if we ate food at night, it was not decided whether we would get food in the morning or not. Many people have helped in getting this far. A player needed a coach and diet for better practice. Due to not being able to bear the expenses of both of them, he had made up his mind to leave the game.

When Ranjeet’s friend Pradeep came to know about this, he introduced Ranjit to Delhi Police constable Satyendra Yadav. Seeing Ranjeet’s sportsmanship, he decided to cooperate financially. He gives Ranjeet 30 thousand rupees for diet every month for a year.

Apart from this, with the help of Deputy Director of Sports Girraj Singh and District Sports Officer Ramesh Verma, separate Pawan Kumar javelin throw instructor has been found. At the same time, another coach Krishna Kumar Paliwal also gives exercises. Pawan Kumar has made Ranjeet technically strong and Krishna Kumar physically strong.

Ranjeet participated in the Moroccan Grand Prix in the year 2019 and finished fourth. Qualified for the Paralympic trials by winning gold medals in the state-level competition held in Gurugram and the national competition held in Bengaluru this year. Deputy Director Sports Department Girraj Singh said that Ranjeet has the ability to win medals.

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