A resident of the Arctic has grown a huge watermelon in harsh climatic conditions

It is not easy to grow a watermelon in the harsh climatic conditions of the north, but a resident of Kandalaksha managed to do it, said the head of the district Mikhail Pavlov.

Galina Valetova grew a huge watermelon and became the winner of the “Miracle of Northern Nature” competition in the “Unusual Harvest” nomination. Galina and Pyotr Ryaby and Elizaveta Kolegova took the first places in the nominations “Country Composition” and “Flower Round Dance”, Pavlov said.

“In addition, everyone could taste the jam made by the hands of the Kandalaksha hostesses and visit thematic sites,” the head of the district noted.

In the Kuban, a farmer was able to grow a huge pumpkin weighing 400 kg. Vegetable shoots are spread over 150 square meters. Pumpkin gains more than ten kilograms every day. This is facilitated by proper care, the farmer told the Federal News Agency in a comment. Much also depends on the seeds and their potential.

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