Which pet is a real companion for toddlers

Cynologists have named five dog breeds that are most suitable for families with children, writes Mein Haustier.

Beagle: This breed of dog is distinguished by a calm temperament, unpretentiousness, and love of play. According to the Fuenftepfote portal, they are considered one of the best family pets.

Golden retriever: Dogs of this breed are excellent companions for children of all ages. These four-legged friends are very patient, trainable, and quite playful.

Collie: These agile and friendly dogs fit well into the family. They need long walks, so they are often not taken to families with small children, but they are willingly bought by teenagers.

Labrador Retriever: Labradors are very patient and trainable. Representatives of this breed become faithful companions, help in various life situations.

French Bulldog: These dogs have an amazing personality: they are playful, patient, and good-natured. Due to their small size, even children can carry them in their arms. These cute creatures will be the best playmates for school kids.

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