Watermelons are a source of vitamins

They have an extremely low-calorie content of only 28 calories per 100 grams), melons can also benefit health, but consuming an excessive amount of melons can harm the body, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta, citing experts from one of the online laboratories.

Watermelons contain many B vitamins: B1 and B6 – for the nervous system, B9 (folic acid) – to support mental abilities. In addition, watermelons are rich in vitamin C, which is essential for immunity, and vitamin E, which reduces inflammation and prevents aging. Watermelons have a mild diuretic effect, which has a positive effect on the figure.

Melons contain a large amount of iron, which is necessary to maintain hemoglobin at the proper level, as well as potassium, which is indispensable for the functioning of the nervous system. In addition, melons contain fiber that is beneficial for the intestinal microflora and beta-carotene that improves the health of hair and nails.

At the same time, experts warned that you should not lean too much on melons: if you overeat watermelon, you can earn an upset of the gastrointestinal tract or dehydration. Due to the huge amount of sugar and fructose, watermelons and melons are contraindicated for diabetics.

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