Why do Americans not support the actions of the US president in foreign policy?


The rating of US President Joe Biden collapsed after the seizure of Afghanistan by the Taliban, banned in Russia. The work of the president is approved by 46% of Americans – this is the minimum figure since he took office. After the Taliban occupied Kabul, Biden’s rating fell by 7%, Reuters said. Less than half of citizens approve of the way the president deals with issues related to Afghanistan. The level of support was lower than that of Donald Trump, Barack Obama and even George W. Bush, who launched the military campaign in the republic.

What threatens Biden with a drop in rating? And will this force him to change his policy in Afghanistan? Pavel Koshkin, a senior researcher at the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, answered these questions to Kommersant FM: “Every US president had the most unfortunate moments in his career. Now we can only hypothetically judge how seriously this will hit Biden’s reputation.

Yes, his ratings have dropped, but that might just be a short-term effect as everyone is shocked.

But then everything will largely depend, among other things, on the work of the White House press service, how they will present it and argue.

Obama had stories in Benghazi, when the American ambassador was killed, but he somehow got out and was re-elected, which, in my opinion, was on the eve of the presidential campaign. If we remember the deal with the Taliban that Trump made, in fact, everything happens within the framework of it. The ex-president promised to withdraw American troops, but Biden did it instead. The question is: how did he do it? I believe that there is a continuity of policy here, the question is only in nuances. Biden is criticized for the fact that he is still evacuating embassies, refusing to communicate with the Taliban, and Trump, on the contrary, did not hesitate to sit at the negotiating table with them, despite the protests within his team.

The American military remained in Afghanistan. According to their statements, the Taliban did not display the aggression and belligerence that was assumed and feared by others. Perhaps later, a special US representative will be sent to deal with legal issues and build a dialogue.

I think that now this evacuation of the embassy and the attempt to accept refugees is most likely due to confusion, because everything happened very quickly.

But I think later, if the Taliban really do not show the aggression that many are now writing about, Biden will reconsider his policy and will be able to send his representatives to Afghanistan. “

Back in July, more than 70% of Americans approved the withdrawal of troops. And now three quarters of citizens want an additional contingent to be sent to the republic. The same number of Afghans who aided the American military are supporting the evacuation. The survey authors note that the US population gives conflicting assessments. This can be explained by the fear of a new wave of terrorism and the continuation of the war with the Taliban, says a professor at the Moscow State Law University named after O.E. Kutafina Vladimir Lafitsky:

“Now, of course, everyone is worried about the potential threats of terrorist attacks. The horror that took place in 2001 may repeat itself, and everyone is well aware of this. The creation of a powerful Islamist state in Central Asia, of course, worries ordinary Americans who are worried about their security. For Biden, this is such a painful injection, even more. If more drastic measures are taken to contain terrorist attacks, the weather vane of public opinion will change very quickly.

It is not worthwhile to assess this action negatively, it is a concern for the population and the prestige of the United States. Joe Biden was well aware that the next step was to start hostilities against the Taliban. We all know very well what a war with a terrorist organization is. The public reaction is just panic, and now we can expect endless up and down fluctuations. The specters of these terrorist attacks are still alive in the minds of Americans. Of course, the start of a large-scale war is very frightening. “

On August 16, Joe Biden announced that he did not regret his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. And, according to him, the United States was ready for a collapse in the republic, but everything happened faster than expected. The president added that American soldiers cannot and should not die in a war that Afghan forces do not want to wage.

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