Biden forgot the journalist’s question and did not name the capital of Qatar

US President Joe Biden made several mistakes during his briefing on the situation in Afghanistan. A transcript of his speech is presented on the White House website.

Answering a question about Washington’s participation in ensuring security at the Kabul airport, the US leader said that the American authorities were in constant contact with the Taliban leadership * in the capital of Afghanistan, as well as in Daho, the capital of Qatar. The White House publication clarified that the president meant Doha.

In addition, Biden was unable to recall one of the questions. By that time, he had already commented on part of the journalist’s remark but nevertheless asked the interlocutor to repeat his words again, admitting that he had forgotten the topic of the conversation.

The head of the White House has repeatedly made mistakes in the names of the countries and the names of the presidents. In particular, in one of his speeches, he confused Libya and Syria, in another – Iraq and Iran, in the third – Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

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