Championship of France “Nice” – “Marseille” was not finished with the score 1: 0

Match of the 3rd round of the championship of France “Nice” – “Marseille” was not finished with the score 1: 0.

The game was interrupted in the 75th minute before a corner from Marseille, who was preparing to serve Dimitri Payet.

Various objects were thrown at him from the podium, the player threw a bottle on the podium in response. This led to the fact that the fans of “Nice” ran out onto the field, a massive brawl began, as a result, the game was interrupted.

About an hour later, Nice’s players and the refereeing crew returned to the field with the intention of restarting the match. However, “Marseille” refused to play further, the club’s players did not enter the field.

Therefore, the main referee Benoit Bastien prematurely blew the final whistle. In connection with the refusal of “Marseille” to continue the game, according to the rules of Ligue 1, the team will be awarded a forfeit defeat.

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