15 Latvian customs officers and 5 entrepreneurs detained in Riga

Latvian law enforcement officers have detained 15 customs officers and 5 entrepreneurs in Riga, connected with the transit business, reports Lsm.lv.

As the State Revenue Service (SRS) of Latvia informs, in addition to the arrest of 20 persons, more than 40 searches were carried out. In addition to the SRS, police officers and the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau participate in investigative activities.

“The SRS Internal Security Service systematically collected evidence of organized and systematic bribery that took place over the years to settle various customs formalities. The SRS took the necessary measures so that the suspects were removed from their official duties,” – reported in the Latvian State Revenue Service.

The investigation continues. The SRS promises to provide more information when it does not harm further development.

Recall that in Latvia for many years there have been rumors about the involvement of state officials in the “protection” of smuggling.

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