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1000 year old chicken egg found whole in Israel, broken after cleaning

Israeli Archaeologists Unearth 1000 Year Old Egg: Archaeologists in Israel have found a thousand old egg. This egg is being told around the 10th century. However, the sad part was that the egg broke during cleaning. It is considered a rare find all over the world.


  • 1000-year-old chicken egg found in Israel’s Yavne city
  • It is being told that it is one of the oldest eggs in the world.
  • However, unfortunately the egg broke during cleaning.

Tel Aviv
A 1000 year old chicken egg has been found in Israel. It is being told that it is one of the oldest eggs in the world. Unfortunately, however, the egg broke during cleaning. It is being told that this egg is from the 10th century and it was found during excavation in the city of Yavne in central Israel. Urban development projects are going on in Yavane city these days.

Dr Lee Peri Gaal, an expert from the Israeli Archaeological Department, said, ‘This is a very rare find in Israel and in the whole world. It has always been interesting to find eggshells during excavation, but it is common. It is rare to find a whole whole egg in itself. Earlier in Israel, ancient egg shells have been found several times in the City of David in Jerusalem. It is being told that this whole egg has been recovered from an ancient site of the 10th century.

The egg is being saved because
Archaeologists have found a malkund of the Islamic period inside this site. The astonishment of the archaeologists knew no bounds when they saw an unusual thing inside the Malakund. Israeli archaeologist Alla Nagorsky said, ‘This egg was preserved whole because it lay in a certain position for a thousand years. This egg was lying among the human feces and because of this it survived.

Alla said, ‘Even today, eggs are not able to survive in supermarket cartoons for very long. It is very pleasant to think that this egg is a thousand years old. Since this egg is now broken and the things inside it have come out, still some part remains. This will allow further testing of eggs in the future. Peri Gaal says that raising chickens took place in Southeast Asia 6,000 years ago, but it took a long time for it to be included in human food. They were used for other purposes such as fighting in chickens. The chicken was considered a beautiful animal and was a gift to the kings.


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