10 Surprisingly Interesting X-rays You Never Thought Seeing

“Snapshot of my fat cat” Booyacaja.

“X-ray of a pregnant dog” Headhunter1.

“X-ray of my teddy bear, which was made back in the nineties” sleepy_fox.

“In the radiologist’s waiting room at the local hospital, these are the usual pictures of flowers on the walls… except they’re x-rays.” fit_head.

“I took an x-ray of an iPhone and the Apple logo is even visible on it” SirDynamite69.

“X-ray of my hand after the amputation, which was carried out thanks to the driver who fell asleep at the wheel” maxkravts.

“On an x-ray of a broken arm, you can see how a smart watch works” jruhlman09.

“My bearded dragon Spyro had a couple x-rays at the vet” EyeTheSwan.

“X-ray of all the screws in my ankle” daisycraze88.

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