10 Amazing Photos of People Discovering Real Art in the Most Unexpected Places

“Mom decorated the window with Easter stickers. And this is what our cat has become” drewsoulman.

“Rain on the windshield makes everything look like a watercolor painting” anthson.

“Someone hit the wall with something and left a mark. Looks like a picture of a snowy city” bonerificnoodles.

“The car window cracked, and now everything around looks like a Van Gogh painting” mcprogrammer.

“There is just a huge hole in this wall, but it all looks like a picture that they just hung there” JSaltyRae.

“At first I thought it was such an original mosaic, and only then I realized that the sign had just been under the sun for too long” Tidal Pod.

“Someone’s pen broke in the office, and the ink hit the wall. I covered it with a frame and arranged an exhibition of modern art” scottsinct.

“Daughter threw acrylics in the sink. This is what came of it” Beard_of_the_Sith.

“Art that only nature can create. This is what my fence looked like in the morning after a snowy night” Greien218.

“My vacuum bagged threads look like modern art” a-manda_hugandkiss.

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