France, EU upset with Biden over Ocus alliance with Australia, UK


    Washington. US President Joe Biden’s decision to form a strategic Indo-Pacific alliance with Australia and Britain to counter China has angered France and the European Union (EU). France and the EU feel they have been ignored and are comparing it to the steps taken by former US President Donald Trump. Biden had assured European leaders that “America is back” and that multilateral diplomacy would guide America’s foreign policy, but the US president has alienated many of his allies through a stand-alone approach on many important matters. has been isolated. The French foreign minister described the recent move as “incomprehensible” and called it a “stab in the back”. The EU’s foreign policy chief complained that Europe had not been consulted.

    Some experts have compared Biden’s recent moves to those taken by Donald Trump under the “America first” principle. He said it was astonishing to take such a step by a president who had contested the presidential election with a determination to improve relations with allies and restore America’s credibility on the global stage. Biden had traveled to Europe only three years ago, and his European counterpart at the time described him as a hero willing to leave the trans-Atlantic tensions of Trump’s reign behind, but that pleasant sense of relief has now faded for many. has fallen.

    Biden has angered America’s oldest ally France, Poland and Ukraine are questioning America’s commitment to their security, and several unilateral decisions from Afghanistan to East Asia have angered the European Union. Europe rejoiced when Biden promised to re-engage nuclear talks with Iran and revive Israel-Palestinian peace talks, but even nine months after Biden’s administration, both of these matters. But the efforts have stalled.

    Discontent against the US president grew after Biden’s acceptance of a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany passing through Poland and Ukraine, and the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in August a month later put Europe in an awkward position, Who had objected to this return. Following this, Biden this week angered France and the European Union by announcing an AUCUS alliance. Britain, the US and Australia announced a new trilateral security alliance ‘Aukus’ (AUKUS) for the strategically important region, amidst China’s growing influence in the Indian Pacific, to protect their common interests and protect nuclear Better share defense capabilities, including helping Australia acquire energy-powered submarines.

    China’s displeasure over this is not surprising, but France and the European Union have also reacted to this alliance, complaining that they were not only excluded from this alliance, but also discussed with them. Also not done. The White House and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said France had been informed of the decision before it was announced on Wednesday, although it was not clear when France was notified.

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    French Foreign Minister Jean-Eve Le Drian said in June, “It is good news for all of us that America is back”, but called the announcement of the alliance “incomprehensible” Really a stab in the back. It looks like Trump’s move.” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called the comparison unfair. A $100 billion deal was signed between France and Australia to build diesel submarines. The deal to build diesel submarines for Australia will end under the terms of the new Ocus initiative, which France is unhappy with.

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