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These 9 TV actresses got trolled on clothes, then ‘showed stars in the day’, took strong action like this

In the past, many TV actresses including Divyanka Tripathi to Tina Dutta, Madhura Naik, Priyanka Chopra, Rubina Dilaik and Nia Sharma. People have been trolled for their clothes and revealing clothes. But these actresses also gave him a befitting reply.

Divyanka Tripathi was stunned recently when a troll asked her why she doesn’t wear a dupatta over a suit in ‘Crime Patrol’? Divyanka immediately stopped her speaking, but was forced to think that even today people want women’s clothes according to their thinking.

Divyanka trolls for not wearing a dupatta

Recently, a troller asked Divyanka Tripathi the question that why does she not wear a dupatta in the episode of Crime Patrol? Let us tell you that Divyanka hosted some episodes of ‘Crime Patrol’. When the troller saw those episodes, questions were raised on Divyanka’s dress itself. The shocked actress gave a befitting reply to that troller or user. Divyanka closed her speech and wrote in response on Twitter, ‘So that make a habit of looking at girls without dupatta like you with respect. Kindly improve the intention of yourself and the boys around you and not take the lead in the dress of the woman caste. My body, my eyebrows, my will. Your decency is your will.’

Tina Dutta trolls for going topless

A few days ago, Tina Dutta got a topless photoshoot done. Seeing the topless pictures of the actress, some users got enraged and made objectionable comments. For Tina Dutta’s ‘Ichha’ of ‘Uttaran’, some users said that she is spreading filth on social media. One user had made very obscene comments on his pictures. Taking immediate action, Tina Dutta not only complained against that user to the cyber authorities but also raised questions on her upbringing.

Sana Khan trolled on Hijab, gave a strong reply

A few days ago, ‘Bigg Boss’ fame Sana Khan shared her picture wearing a hijab on social media, on which she was trolled badly. But the actress also stopped speaking to the trollers by giving a befitting reply. Actually Sana Khan had posted her picture in hijab, on which some users raised questions. But Sana Khan also gave a befitting reply to one of these users. Commenting on the picture of Sana Khan’s hijab, this user wrote that what is the use of reading and writing so much, when you have to stay in the screen. Sana replied giving him a befitting reply, ‘My brother, when I can do my business by staying in the screen, I have wonderful in-laws and husband, what else do I want. Most importantly, Allah is protecting me in every way Alhamdullah. And I have completed my studies also. So is this not a win-win situation?’

Madhura gets dirty messages for bikini

Some people were sending dirty messages to TV actress Madhura Naik on social media asking for her bikini pictures, on which the actress made her a lot of fun. She shared her bikini cartoon for such poor minded people. In a conversation with our colleague ‘ETimes’, Madhura Naik told that she receives hundreds of direct messages on Instagram every day. There are a lot of dirty and dirty things written in them. According to Madhura, ‘Sometimes it seems that people have trouble with my clothes, food and everything. Once I was trolled for phishing.

Troll Nia Sharma on the dress

TV’s popular star Nia Sharma is being taught how to wear clothes every day. She also shares pictures in traditional to western outfits, so the trollers do not stop making indecent and obscene comments.

donal bisht

TV actress Donal Bisht has also been trolled many times for her outfit. However, the actress also gave a befitting reply to the trollers.

Troll Rubina replied on bikini like this

Popular TV actress Rubina Dilaik also had to face vulgar and objectionable comments from trolls when she shared these pictures wearing this bikini. Then Rubina shared another picture to silence the trollers and wrote, ‘I’m more than my body.’

Aneri Vajani’s befitting reply

Actress Aneri Vajani was trolled badly for a bikini picture of her. Some users even said that they should see a doctor immediately. But Aneri also gave her a befitting reply saying that she can wear whatever she wants and can post pictures.

When Bhumika Gurung came under attack

When Bhumika Gurung, who was seen in the TV show ‘Nimki Mukhiya’, shared pictures in a bikini on her birthday in 2019, the trolls took her target. Trolls crossed all limits and made sloppy comments on the bikini pictures of Bhumika.


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