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The people of Gwalior were shocked by the sound like a blast, felt the vibrations in the houses, know what turned out to be the matter

A loud voice was heard in Gwalior city at 10.30 am. This sound was like a bang. After this people felt the vibration, they felt that there was an earthquake. After that people left their homes.


  • Loud voice was heard in Gwalior at ten thirty in the morning
  • People felt the vibrations in the houses, felt the earthquake
  • The truth came out after the chaos
  • This happens when the fighter plane is flying at super sonic speed
  • When flying at super sonic speed at a distance less than the prescribed height, the sound is heard below

A sudden tremor accompanied by a loud bang on Thursday morning scared the people of Gwalior. The blast happened at 10:35 am. People once felt that there was no earthquake somewhere. Due to fear, some people came out of their homes and stood in the park. At the same time, even in the markets, people were seen asking each other what happened.

Within no time, the sound and vibration of the blast became a topic of discussion on social media. It was later learned that fighter jets had flown from the Air Force airbase for the exercise. This type of explosion and vibration occurs when fighter planes come from normal speed to super sonic speed. Which is called sound barrier. But it is heard only when the fighter planes are not flying very high.

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People heard the sound of explosions in Shatabdipuram, Adityapuram and DD Nagar of Maharajpura in Gwalior city, Azad Nagar in Murar, CP Colony, No. 7 intersection and Baradari, Lashkar, Gwalior and City Center. Also felt a slight tremor. Due to which people got scared. In some places, people came out of the streets mistaking it for an earthquake. When the news spread rapidly on social media, the police also reached the people.

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At the same time, the Meteorological Department categorically denied any kind of earthquake. Later, when the police discussed with the Air Force officers in this matter, it was found that the fighter planes were practicing. During that time it was the sound of the sound barrier while going from normal speed to super sonic speed.

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what is sound barrier
Actually, whenever a fighter plane takes off, it is in normal speed, but after that it comes from normal speed to super sonic speed, then it vibrates with a loud bang. This vibration and bang is called the sound barrier. Although at normal speed to super sonic speed, fighter planes do it at a great height in the sky. Therefore it is usually not heard. But when it was below the prescribed height, people could hear the explosion.


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