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The media reported the death of a child in an earthquake in Croatia

As a result of the earthquake in Croatia, there are victims, one dead is reported, part of Zagreb was left without electricity, the roof of a hospital collapsed in the city of Sisak, local media report.

On Tuesday, an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude occurred in Croatia at about 12.30 (14.30 Moscow time). The epicenter was located in the area of ​​the city of Petrin in the central part of the country. The day before, the city also felt several shocks, but less force, the earthquake was felt throughout Croatia and in neighboring countries.

According to preliminary information from the media working at the scene, a small child died in Petrin. “The city center of Petrin, as it was before, no longer exists. It is unofficially reported that there are victims. People lie in the park, some jumped from the roofs of buildings,” the TV channel said.

It is also reported that the roof of a hospital in Sisak has collapsed. The TV channel’s film crew at the time of the earthquake ended up in the city administration building, which was damaged, but not injured.

A large part of Zagreb remains without electricity. Residents took to the streets, telephone communications are broken and overloaded, traffic jams on the streets, traffic lights do not work, the Ministry of Internal Affairs calls on citizens to let emergency vehicles pass. The buildings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other objects in the historical part of the city were damaged.

The head of the Croatian rescue service Damir Trut said that all services have been mobilized, people and equipment have been sent to the epicenter of the earthquake, and army units have arrived in Petrinia.

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