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The booking of Nissan Magnate was so tremendous, the company had to take these steps

Nissan Magnite has made a record of booking 50,000 SUVs in the shortest time after launching. This SUV was launched in December last year. Since then, these SUVs have remained the first choice among the people. Please tell that the most demanding turbo petrol engine of Nissan Magnite and XTRONIC is made of automatic transmission.

Rakesh Srivastava, managing director of Nissan Motor India, said that since the launch of Nissan Magnite, 2 lakh 78 thousand enquiries have been received so far. Out of which 50 thousand bookings have been done. At the same time, he told that about 15 percent of the bookings of this SUV have been done through online medium.

Engine Option in Nissan Magnate – Nissan Magnate has been launched with two engine options, in which the 1.0 liter 3 cylinders naturally aspirated petrol engine generates power of 71bhp at 6,250rpm and 96Nm of torque at 3,500rpm. At the same time, the second engine of this compact SUV is a 1.0 liter 3 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, which generates power of 99 bhp and pickup torque of 160 nm in a 5-speed manual gearbox. Along with this, the company has also provided front-seat airbags in this car as security.

Features of Nissan Magnate – In the new Nissan Magnate, you will get more than 50 features with connectivity from SmartWatch like you will get Advanced Drive-Assist display, Android Auto for Viral connectivity, and Apple Car Play in this car. At the same time, in this car, you will also get a 360-degree view monitor. Through which you will be able to easily see all around from inside the car.

What is the best time to buy an Electric Vehicle in India?

The central government and the state governments are emphasizing on increasing electric mobility in the country. For which the Central and State Governments are waiving the registration fee along with subsidy on the purchase of electric vehicles.

Nevertheless, there remains a doubt about the electric vehicle in the country. People believe that electric vehicles are not more reliable than petrol and diesel vehicles. Because the range the automobile company gives to their vehicle is not found on the road. With this, there is not even a strong infrastructure in the country to charge electric vehicles. In such a situation, most people are not able to fully trust electric vehicles.

Experience of customer buying EV – H.S. Panno said that he bought the Tata Nexon XZ + in September last. In which the company claimed that these cars give a range of 315 km on a single charge. But he said that when he started using this SUV, it is giving only 200 km range.

The Delhi government had removed the Nexon from the list of subsidies – the Delhi government had decided to remove the Tata Nexon EV from the list of subsidized electric vehicles. Actually, it was alleged that there is a difference in the mileage and actual-driving range of this electric car certified by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

Following this complaint, on 1 March 2021, the Delhi government temporarily banned the subsidy on Tata Nexon EV. It was said on behalf of the Transport Department that a three-member committee has been formed to investigate the matter.

Tata Motors gave this answer on this matter – Tata Motors said in its reply to the Delhi government that, the claim of 312 km mileage of Tata Nexon was ARAI test. Which is a nodal agency which tests the vehicle before launch.

Tata Motors made it clear that driving style, road, AC, and many other things are also responsible for the mileage of the vehicle. Along with this, many times the vehicle gives mileage less than the claimed number or sometimes more than the claimed number. At the same time, the Delhi government did not consider this reply of Tata Motors as satisfactory.

EV two most wheeler and three wheeler – EV passenger car segment is definitely increased in the future. But at this time, people are buying mostly electric vehicles two wheeler and three wheeler only. If you look at the March sales figures, it is known that 25,640 electric vehicles were sold in the country, out of which 90 percent of the vehicles were two-wheeler and three-wheeler.

Volkswagen unveils 2 new electric SUVs, learn features and price

German automaker Volkswagen has unveiled two new electric SUV ID.6 and ID.6 Crozz. In both these SUVs, the company has given a three-row seating arrangement. Due to which these SUVs have a seating capacity of 7 people.

Let us know that Volkswagen is expanding its EV portfolio through these two electric SUVs. Volkswagen’s ID.6 electric SUV is the largest car in the EV portfolio and these cars are being well-liked in China. Let us tell you that Volkswagen produces its vehicles in association with FAW company in China. In which this company will also produce ID.6 and ID.6 Crozz.

Design of ID.6 and ID.6 Cross SUV – In both of these electric SUVs, the company has given LED headlamps, taillights and a nice bumper. Along with this, 19 and 21 inch wheels have been given in these SUVs. Which gives these SUVs the best ground clearance. At the same time, the SUV has also given the feature of ID.4 styling language.

Architect of ID.6 and ID.6 Cross SUV – MEB architecture has been used in both these SUVs. Which is mostly found in luxury cars Skoda, Enyaq iV, Audi Q4 E-Tron, Audi Q4 Sportback E-Tron.
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The engine of ID.6 and ID.6 Crozz SUV – According to Volkswagen, the motor given by ID6 in the company generates power of 177hp and can hold 0 to 100kmph in just 9.3 seconds. At the same time, its dual-motor variant ID.6 Crozz SUV generates power of 302hp and can hold a speed of 0-100 kmph in just 6.6 seconds.

The electric vehicle will be cheaper, Lohum company will produce lithium-ion battery double

The Loum company, which manufactures lithium ion batteries, plans to invest up to Rs 250 crore over the next three years to increase its capacity. The company has plans to go into the field of battery production for four wheeler electric vehicles.

The company currently has an annual battery manufacturing capacity of 300 MW per hour. It is planned to be raised to the level of gigawatt (1,000 megawatt equals one gigawatt) hour. For this, he has planned to set up a new battery making factory in Greater Noida.

Rajat Verma, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lohum, the company that will boost both manufacturing and recycle, said, “The capacity that we had anticipated for 2022, we have now realized that it will be much lower than the demand. We have to establish more capacity immediately and we are now in the process of increasing our capacity both in manufacturing and recycle. ‘

Elaborating on the plan, he said, “At this time, our goal is to set up a large integrated factory in the next 12 months deadline.” In that factory, we can manufacture 1,000 batteries every day. Also can process 1,000 tons of old raw materials. We plan to set up 1,000 tonne capacity recycling centers with gigawatt-hour level manufacturing. ‘

Batteries to be made for a two-wheeler, four-wheeler, and three-wheeler – The company’s current capacity is around 300 MW-hour per annum and it varies from 200 to 250 units per unit. When asked about the investment in the new project, Varma said, ‘Soon we will invest around Rs 50 crore. We plan to invest Rs 200 crore in the next two to three years. These investments will be made to increase battery manufacturing capacity for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers. ‘

He said that at present, the company is also making batteries for storage use along with two-wheelers, three-wheelers. According to Verma, now the company is working on a pilot project to make batteries for four-wheelers as well.

Forget car washing, this technology will be deep cleansing

Every customer gets a lot of information about the car before purchasing it. Then, whether it is information related to the mileage of the car, its features, or its maintenance. People take special care of their car maintenance and should also be kept. Because doing so increases the self-life of the car. People are worried about the regular cleanliness of the car and also wash it from time to time by taking it to the washing center.

But now over time, the technology of car washing has also changed. Which is called detailing car service. With this technique, every part of the car is deeply cleaned and it is brightened. This technology is much better than car washing. Detailing car service increases the lifespan of your car as well as makes the interior and exterior of your car shiny.

Detailing has this advantage – Over time, dust, bacteria, and viruses in your car keep increasing in the corner, which is not clear with normal car washing. In the Detailing Car Service, cleaning is done to every corner of your car, so that you feel a good experience after sitting in the car.
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How Detailing – Detailing Car service uses vacuuming, waxing, polishing, washing, deep cleaning, performing, and sealant. These services are a bit expensive but make your car absolutely clean and aromatic. If you go to the gym with your car, then you must have also realized how the upholstery of your car starts to foul in a few days.

If you do the detailing service from time to time, then your car will always remain shiny and aromatic. From time to time, you get better resale value to your old car by providing detailing car service. Cars that have been taking detailing services for a long time can be easily identified.

How to choose the right electric scooter? So that there is no problem later

You must have seen many electric scooters running on the road. After which you may have thought of buying them many times as well. But every time you keep thinking that you do not get hurt due to no knowledge of the electric scooter. But we are going to diagnose this problem of yours and will tell you what to keep in mind while buying an electric scooter.

Electric Scooter comes in two ways. One of which runs at a speed of 25kmph and the other is of high speed. Which runs at a speed of 25 km per hour. Let me tell you, for those electric scooters that run at a speed of 25Kmph, you do not need a driving license. There is another benefit to buying an electric scooter. For these you neither require PSU certificate nor registration in RTO.

Electric Scooter Design – Electric bike and scooter designs are similar to petrol bikes and scooters. At the same time, the leg space is also similar to these and sometimes you also get more boot space in electric scooters.

If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter, then you should first pay attention to how the model you are choosing goes on the road. Along with this, the battery pack should also be checked. Along with this, it should also be decided that the battery pack is waterproof or not.

Features of Electric Scooter – Electric scooters are getting the same features as petrol scooters. In which you will find speed locking system, app connectivity, side stand indicator, e-ABS, disc brakes, USB charging port. At the same time, these features are not available in many electric scooters. So whenever you buy a scooter, definitely check these features once.

Range of Electric Scooter – Before buying electric scooter, you must know the range of its range according to your needs. Many electric scooters offer a range of 85km and some electric scooters offer a range of up to 140km.

Electric Scooter’s Battery – In any electric vehicle, its battery is an important part. Different companies use different battery packs in all their models. Let us tell you that the best battery at this time is considered to be the lithium ion battery. It is fast charged as well as the range is also found in it.

Charging time – Electric scooter charging time is 5 hours. If a vehicle is taking more than 5 hours, then you should not choose such an electric scooter.

Speed ​​and Price of Electric Scooter – Whenever you buy an electric scooter, you must know the top speed before it and keep the documents with you accordingly. If the top speed of your electric scooter is more than 25kmph, then you must keep driving license, helmet, insurance, registration with you. At the same time, you choose the electric scooter according to your budget.

Buy Royal Enfield, Bajaj V, and Honda CB bikes at less than half the price, know everything

Many questions arise in your mind as soon as you hear the name of the old bike. One of the biggest questions is whether buying an old bike can be a profitable deal. If we answer your question. So we will say that, if you buy old bikes thoughtfully and after examining them.

So of course it can be a profitable deal. Because people have a limited budget. They can get some great options in old bikes. With this, if you are learning to ride a bike, then you should start with an old bike. Because sometimes learning from a new bike can be a big loss. Let’s know about some such old bikes that you can easily buy according to your needs.

Honda CB Trigger – The Honda CB Trigger bike listed on the Droom website is a 2014 model. In this bike, you will get a 150cc engine and this bike has run for a total of 14,500 km. If you buy this bike, then you will be its second owner. At the same time, you can buy this bike for only 45 thousand rupees.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird – On this website only, you will also get a chance to buy a Royal Enfield Thunderbird bike. This bike is a 2006 model and in this bike you will get a 350cc engine. This bike of Royal Enfield has run 55 thousand kilometers. If you buy this bike, then you will be its second owner. At the same time, you can take the Royal Enfield Thunderbird bike to your house by paying only 45 thousand rupees.

Bajaj V15 – This Bajaj bike is made of iron from INS Vikrant, the first aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy. Listed on the droom website, this bike is a 2016 model and in it, you will get a 150cc engine. At the same time, this bike has run only 30,500 km. You can buy this bike for only 40 thousand rupees. Apart from this, on the Droom website, you can find many good bikes according to your budget. But before buying the bike, you must gather complete information.

This scooter of Qooder is not less than any four-wheeler, know features and price

At present, countries around the world are looking at other fuel-powered vehicles as an alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles. The biggest reason for this is that there is no pollution from these vehicles. Along with this, the expenses on these vehicles are also less than petrol and diesel vehicles.

In such a situation, Switzerland’s Qooder gasoline-powered four-wheeler scooter remains a topic of discussion in the market. Because the company has given four wheels in this scooter. Which gives the rider a raft of safety and a better journey with comfort. Let’s know everything about Qooder’s scooter

Specification of Qooder Four Wheeler Scooter – Qooder scooter has a single cylinder engine. Which is powered by gasoline. This engine generates 32.5 horsepower. Along with this, the company has given 14 liter tank in this four wheel scooter for log ride. At the same time, the company claims that this scooter has been tested on a maximum weight of up to 480 kg.

Safety Features of Qooder Four Wheeler Scooter – The company has given braking system in all four wheels of this scooter. Which you can use with a pandal. Along with this, this scooter runs very smoothly on bumpy roads. Because all four wheels have been added to this scooter through soccer.

Price of Qooder Four Wheeler Scooter- This four-wheeler scooter of Qooder Company is currently available only in Europe and America. Which the company has launched in 5 colors Glossy Snow-white, Glossy Swiss red, Matte Ceresio blue, Matte Titanium gray, and Matte Raw black. If it is talked about its price, then you will have to pay 11,490 euros to buy it.

Yamaha FZ-X bike will be launched in India soon,

Yamaha Motor India is planning to launch its new sports bike FZ-X in the summer. But before this, some official information related to this bike has been leaked on social media. Let us tell you that Yamaha Motor India registered FX-Z in December 2020 last year.

The company was about to launch this adventure bike, further enhancing its FZ series. After which, the launch of this bike is being awaited. Come, according to the leaked details, how special this bike will be.

Yamaha FZ-X Engine – This bike was spotted in March during testing. But according to HT Media’s report, it cannot be said that these are the same bikes. But according to leaked details, the company will give a 149cc engine to this bike and will prepare this bike on the FZS-FI platform. At the same time, the engine of this bike will generate power of 12.4bhp and the company can give 5-speed gearbox in this bike.

Yamaha FZ-X Look – If you talk about the dimensions of this bike, then this bike will be 2,020mm long and its width will be 785mm and its height will be 1,115mm. At the same time, Yamaha Motor India can launch this bike by 2021 mid.

There are the top four cars in diesel hatchback cars

Although the prices of diesel (Diesel) are increasing on the lines of Petrail itself, the craze for Diesel Cars is not low. Due to performance, there is always a demand for diesel cars. Today we also talk about those hatchback cars in the budget, which also comes in diesel and whose average is also up to 25kmpl.

These include hatchback cars of Tata, Ford, Hyundai, which are not only great in appearance but also do not cost much in terms of power pick up better mileage and maintenance.

1 – Tata Altroz
Average – 25.11 kmpl

The Altroz ​​car of India’s reliable carmaker Tata is one of the most reliable cars in the hatchback segment. Tata has given the 1.5-liter Revotorg engine in this car. At the same time, this car is based on a 5-speed manual transmission. The base variant of Tata Altroz ​​is priced at 6 lakh 99 thousand rupees while its top model is 9 lakh 9 thousand rupees.

2 – Ford Figo
Average – 25.5

Talk about a torn figure, it comes with a TDCi diesel engine that is 1499 cc. Whose maximum power is 98.96bhp@3750 rpm and maximum torque 215nm @ 1750-2500rpm? It has four cylinders, starting from 5.82 lakhs, 8.37. Goes up to 5 lakhs. It is available in five variants. Its base model is Ambient and the top variant is Titanium Blue.

3 – Hyundai i20 –
Average – 25.11 kmpl

The third-generation Hyundai’s third-generation i20 is the best-selling car among hatchbacks. The company has given a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine in this car which generates power of 100bph. At the same time, you will get your 6-speed manual transmission. Talking about the mileage of this car, you will get a mileage of 25.2Kmpl. The base variant of the Hyundai i20 is priced at Rs 8 lakh 20 thousand, while its top variant is priced at Rs 10 lakh 60 thousand.

4 – Hyundai Grand i10 Nios-
Average – 24.95 kmpl

In Hyundai Grand i10 Nios, the company has given a 1.2 liter U2 CRDi engine. Which is the smallest diesel engine in this segment. This engine generates power of 75bph and in this car, you have been given 5-speed manual and automatic transmission. The price of the base variant of this car is 7 lakh 60 thousand rupees. At the same time, its top variant is 8 lakh 35 thousand rupees.

Which is better in Hero MotoCorp’s cheapest bike HF100 and HF Deluxe

The country’s leading company Hero MotoCorp recently launched its new and cheapest bike Hero HF 100. Before this, HF Deluxe used to be Hero’s cheapest bike. These two bikes of Hero were seen to a certain extent. As is the case. The price difference of both bikes is just Rs. 1,300. Let us compare both the bikes and tell which bike will be beneficial for you.

Price of HF100 and HF Deluxe – Only single variant of Hero HF 100 bike has been launched in the market. The price of this bike has been kept at just Rs 49,400 (Ex-showroom, Delhi). At the same time, the price of variants of Hero HF Deluxe starts from Rs 50,700 to Rs 61,975. Here we are comparing the base models of these two bikes.

Engine of HF100 and HF Deluxe – There is no difference in the engine of these two bikes of Hero. In both bikes, the company has used a single cylinder engine of 97.2cc capacity, which generates torque of 8.05Nm and power of 8.36PS. Both these bikes have width (720 mm), length (1965 mm), height ( There is no difference between the 1045 mm) and the wheelbase (1235 mm). The company has given a 9.6-liter fuel tank in the HF Deluxe, while the new HF 100 has a 9.1-liter fuel tank.

Features of HF100 and HF Deluxe – Talking about the features of the base model of HF100 and HF Deluxe, both bikes have kick start and drum brake. Spoke wheels and HF 100 have alloy wheels in the base model of HF Deluxe. Tubeless tires have been given in this new bike of Hero.

To reduce the price of the HF 100, the company has made some cost-cutting. The HF 100 has a metal grab rail, exhaust, and crash guards while the HF Deluxe has a chrome finish. Hero launched the HF100 in just one color. Whereas HF Deluxe comes in a total of 5 colors.