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NASA’s Indian-origin engineer says- exciting work on Mars expedition is going to happen soon

Indian-American engineer Vishnu Sridhar of NASA’s ‘Perversions’ rover has said that the most exciting work on Mars expedition is going to happen in the coming weeks. Sridhar (27), based in New York, is a lead system engineer for the Mars 2020 ‘Perceived’ Rover Supercam at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the US space agency NASA based in California. He said that some of the most exciting works of this rover are going to happen in the coming weeks.

Sridhar told ABC7 channel, “We are going to get more pictures from Mars, we are going to take pictures with Supercam equipment, we are going to do audio recording through our microphone and very soon we will be Going to deploy his helicopter (drone) … “The Super Cam is a remote sensing device that will use laser technology to analyze the chemical elements of rocks on the surface of Mars. It will analyze the area the rover cannot reach.

This NASA rover landed on the surface of Mars on 18 February this year. With the help of rover, supercam and its other devices, scientists will be able to get clues of the presence of life in the past on the red planet. Sridhar said that it is important that this campaign is going on despite the Kovid-19 epidemic. He said, “NASA’s campaigns are clearly trying to find the answer to a fundamental question, whether life ever existed on Mars?” Was there life on a planet other than Earth? “

Sridhar’s time in JPL has been devoted to Mars for the past five years and he is currently the instrument engineer for Supercam on Mars 2020 Rover. The US Space Agency on Monday released the first audio from Mars, the wind sound recorded by the rover.

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