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MP: ‘No Vaccine-No Ration’, as soon as the decree of the Gram Panchayat is issued, the vaccination rate in this village reached 85 percent

There is still confusion among some people about the vaccine to fight Covid-19. Due to rumours, some people are avoiding getting this vaccine. Some people living in a village in Madhya Pradesh were also shying away from vaccination due to similar rumours. But the Gram Panchayat of the village found such a unique way that long lines of people started forming at the vaccination centers.

Shihoda panchayat of Jabalpur district comes under Shahpura block. This panchayat is situated about 30 kms away from Jabalpur city. Many local people living here had distanced themselves from vaccination. In view of this, the Gram Panchayat here issued a decree that ‘No vaccine-no ration’. In the order issued by the Gram Panchayat, it was said that those who do not go for vaccination will not get ration from Public Distribution Shops (PDS). Not only this, the Gram Panchayat also told the local people that if the residents here want the benefit of any government scheme, then they will have to take the vaccine first.

The members of the Gram Panchayat claimed that on some social media platforms, various types of confusion are being spread about the vaccine and seeing this, people here have kept distance from the vaccine. This was affecting other nearby gram panchayats as well and people there were hesitant to take the vaccine.

Initially, this order of the Gram Panchayat was also called by many people here, but soon its positive effect was also visible. Today 85 percent of the village’s population has been vaccinated. Seeing this excellent jump in the vaccination rate, now other nearby gram panchayats are also contemplating to issue such orders so that the fight against corona can be sharpened by promoting the vaccine in the area.


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