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Missing girl for 11 years was living in lover’s house in the neighborhood, no one knew

A missing woman was reported 11 years ago in Kerala. Now it has come to know that this girl used to hide in her lover’s room in the neighborhood itself. This case is of Ayalpur village of Palakkad, Kerala, where the family members searched for the missing girl 11 years ago, but when nothing was found, the family gave up hope. Now it has come to know that this young woman was living with her lover in the neighborhood for so many years. Surprisingly, even the family members of the boy did not know about this.

Was missing in 2010

This film story of the couple started in 2010. Sajitha had gone missing at the age of 19 and her family members had lodged a missing report. After 11 years, now the girl has been traced. Actually Sajitha was living at a distance of about 500 meters from her parents’ house. Here she lived with her boyfriend Rehman for 10 years. Surprisingly, Sajitha was living here for so long but no one came to know about this.

Rahman also went missing

Tired of this life of hiding, Rahman also went missing from his house in March 2021. His family members also filed a missing report. One day Rahman’s brother saw him on the road and he started asking him to go home but Rahman was not ready. Rahman’s brother informed the police about this and Rahman was taken to the police station. At the police station, Rahman narrated the whole story. Rahman told that he is living in a rented house and Sajitha is also staying there with him. From 2010 till now, Rahman has told everything.

Rehman used to get angry when someone entered the room.

11 years ago, Sajitha had left her house and came to Rehman’s house and since then both were living in his room without informing the family members. Rahman often stayed in his room and when anyone tried to enter his room, he would get angry. He also used to eat food in his own room. For many years, their lives went on like this.

Sajitha used to come and go through the window

Surprisingly, there is neither toilet nor bathroom in Rahman’s room. In such a situation, Sajida used to go out of the window at night after the family members slept. Rahman told that they were fed up of living like this, so in March both decided to run away from the house. After doing all the investigation, the police presented them in the court considering both of them to be true and the court allowed Rehman and Sanjitha to live together. 29-year-old Sajitha now lives in a rented room with 34-year-old Rahman.


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