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World writer’s day celebrated worldwide on 3rd March

World Day of the writer (International Day of the writer) is celebrated in almost all countries every year on March 3. The full name of this holiday is World Day of Peace for the writer, it was established by the decision of the 48th Congress of the International PEN Club, which was held from 12 to 18 January 1986.

The PEN Club was founded in London in 1921. The name of the organization is an abbreviation formed by the first letters of the English words Poets – poets, Essayists – essays, Novelists – novelists. Interestingly, the abbreviation in this case coincides with the word pen – translated from English – pen.

The idea of ​​creating the organization belongs to the English writer Catherine Amy Dawson-Scott (Mrs. C.A. Dawson Scott). The first president of the PEN was John Galsworthy. In 1923, the first international congress of the PEN Club was held in London, while Pen Centers were established in 11 countries around the world. Today such centers operate in 130 countries.

It is an international association of writers, which, as stated in the PEN-Club Charter, “advocates the principles of freedom of information within each country and between all countries. Its members pledge to oppose the suppression of free speech in any form in the countries and societies to which they belong, and throughout the world, whenever possible.

The PEN Club advocates for freedom of the press and against the arbitrary use of censorship in peacetime. The PEN Club believes that the necessary advancement of humanity towards higher forms of political and economic organization requires free criticism of the government, government and political institutions.

Since freedom implies voluntary restraint, PEN members are committed to opposing negative aspects of the free press, such as false publications, deliberate falsification, distortion of facts or their tendentious dishonest interpretation for political, group and personal goals. ”

The very same holiday – World Writer’s Day – is celebrated today in many countries of the world, and not only by writers, but also considered a professional holiday for all representatives of the “fourth estate”. Often, the ceremony of presenting various literary prizes and honoring the most distinguished literary figures are timed to this day.

3rd March – World Wildlife Day

“On this World Wildlife Day, I call on all citizens, all companies and governments to play their part in protecting the wildlife and plants that exist in our world. The actions of each of us will determine the fate of the world’s wilderness. The future of wildlife is in our hands! ”
From the message of the 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

On December 20, 2013, the UN General Assembly, by its resolution (A / RES / 68/205), decided to proclaim March 3 as World Wildlife Day, in order to raise the level of awareness of the general public on issues of wild fauna and flora. This event became a separate milestone in the history of the UN, which made this decision.

The same year marked the 40th anniversary of the adoption of another important document in the field of protecting natural diversity. It was called the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES. The document’s birthday was March 3, 1973.

The birth of the holiday within the walls of the UN was preceded by the initiative of the participants of the Conference of the Parties to CITES, which took place in Thailand in spring 2013. It is necessary to clarify that this meeting is held between representatives of the countries that have signed the Convention of March 3, 1973. It was at this conference that it was proposed to declare March 3 World Wildlife Day. With this proposal, the participants of the Conference turned to the United Nations Organization, presenting there the results of the Conference itself.

Participation in the 1973 Convention was not compulsory, but the countries that signed it are obliged to comply with the conditions prescribed in this document. Today, 183 states are parties to the Convention. The USSR joined CITES in 1976, and Russia, being the legal successor of the Soviet Union, in 1992.

CITES protects approximately 5.8 thousand animal species and 30 thousand plant species. They are listed in three CITES Appendices and grouped according to their degree of threat of extinction.

More and more people are thinking about the importance in the life of the planet not only of man, but also of every living creature, be it an animal or a plant.

The emergence of such a holiday is due to the understanding of the need to preserve biological diversity on the planet. The absolute value of wilderness relates to the ecological, genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational and aesthetic aspects of sustainable development and human well-being.

World Wildlife Day provides an opportunity to highlight the diversity and beauty of wildlife and flora, and helps raise awareness of the benefits of conservation. In addition, this Day reminds us of the need to strengthen the fight against wildlife crime with far-reaching economic, environmental and social impacts. And the events held within the framework of the Day are dedicated to a specific environmental theme every year.

Concern about the preservation of the number of endangered species of fauna and flora, about the possible consequences of their complete extinction for other species pushes concerned people of science, politics, the economic sphere and ordinary citizens around the world to unite efforts to save what is largely dying due to human intervention in the natural world.

World Wildlife Day provides an opportunity to highlight the diversity and beauty of wildlife and flora.

More and more people are thinking about the importance in the life of the planet not only of man, but also of every living creature, be it an animal or a plant. This holiday, which every year is dedicated to a specific topic, and its competent holding with the participation of the media, allows you to expand the horizons of knowledge of the world for ordinary citizens, to show people the beauty of wildlife, created and living independently of the world of people. He teaches a person to live in harmony with the world around him.

People’s awareness of the beauty of nature, its diversity and the uniqueness of each individual species should contribute to this harmonization process. Changing consciousness and attitude to wildlife, abandoning the idea of ​​the infinity of natural resources will allow our children and grandchildren to find the very harmonious way of coexistence with wildlife, which will give them the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and splendor of this miracle!

March 3 International Day for Ear and Hearing Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) has established a special day dedicated to ear and hearing health. Every year on March 3, International Day for Ear and Hearing is celebrated, also known as World Hearing Day.

It is assumed that on this day, medical and volunteer organizations in different countries should carry out activities aimed at raising awareness of the population about possible hearing problems.

In turn, WHO promises to provide its member states with comprehensive support in the development and implementation of national programs for curative and preventive care for people with ear and hearing problems.

Hearing loss is considered the most common sensory disability in the world today. According to the WHO, an estimated 360 million people are affected by deafness and hearing impairment.

The main causes of deafness and hearing loss (incomplete hearing loss) are genetic disorders, chronic ear infections, a number of diseases: rubella, measles, mumps, meningitis, as well as exposure to certain drugs and harmful environmental factors, primarily noise.

According to doctors, about half of all cases of deafness and other hearing impairments can be prevented by eliminating the causes of their development. Among the preventive measures are most often called immunization of the population, protection of the health of mothers and children, and ensuring occupational hygiene.

In addition, doctors provide advice to parents. In particular, it is recommended to ensure that dirty water does not enter the child’s ears; do not spank the child, especially on the ears; teach children not to insert foreign objects into their ears; in case of any alarming symptoms, go to the hospital immediately.

In 2015, WHO launched the Campaign Don’t Endanger Your Hearing!

In addition, in 2015, to commemorate the International Day for Ear and Hearing Health, WHO launched the “Don’t Endanger Your Hearing!” Campaign to raise awareness of the risks of unsafe listening and promote safer practice. And today it continues.

There is a growing concern among medical professionals about the growing level of exposure to loud sounds in cultural, recreational and sports facilities such as nightclubs, discos, pubs, bars, cinemas, concert halls, stadiums and even fitness centers. Modern technology is becoming more prevalent and often devices such as audio players are used to listen to music at unsafe volume levels and for extended periods of time. Regular exposure to loud noises poses a serious risk of permanent hearing loss.

WHO estimates that 1.1 billion young people worldwide may be at risk of hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices. More than 43 million people aged 12-35 have disability-related hearing loss for various reasons.

Therefore, WHO, in collaboration with partners around the world, is warning young people and their families of the risks of noise-induced hearing loss and urging governments to pay more attention to this issue as part of broader efforts to prevent hearing loss in general.

Day of the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke

Every year on March 3, Bulgaria celebrates a national holiday – the Day of Liberation from the Ottoman oppressors and the resurrection of the Bulgarian state.

From 1396 to 1878 Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire. As a result of Russia’s victory in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878, the country gained independence.

On March 3, 1878, the peace treaty of San Stefano was signed between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. On the Russian side, the contract was signed by Count N. Ignatiev.

By virtue of the Treaty of San Stefano, Bulgaria became the largest state in the Balkans. Its boundaries were supposed to include South Trakia (with access to the Black Sea), all of Macedonia in the southwest and Dobrudja in the northeast. In the west, the territory of the country included the eastern territories of present-day Serbia.

In the summer of 1878 in Berlin, at the Congress of the Great Forces of Europe, at the insistence of Austria-Hungary and England, the Treaty of San Stefano was redone, the borders of Bulgaria were cut. Several million Bulgarians remained outside their independent state. This was the reason for the adoption by Bulgaria of a national doctrine – the unification of the Bulgarian lands scattered by the Berlin Treaty. For several decades ahead, the history of the country is closely linked with this doctrine.

Currently, on March 3, the national flag is raised and wreaths are laid at the memorial to the Unknown Warrior in Sofia in memory of the Bulgarians who died in the struggle for the liberation of their fatherland. In the evening on the square in front of the National Assembly (the country’s Parliament) at the monument to the Tsar the Liberator – Alexander II – a solemn dawn goes. Appreciative Bulgarians lay wreaths and flowers at monuments to Russian, Finnish and Romanian soldiers who fell for the liberation of Bulgaria throughout the country.

3 March National Flag Day of the Kyrgyz Republic

Day of the State Flag of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstandin mamlekettik tuusunun kүnү) is celebrated annually on March 3.

The holiday was established by the Decree of the President of the country No. 270 “On the State Flag of the Kyrgyz Republic” dated June 10, 2009, in order to educate the citizens of Kyrgyzstan in the spirit of patriotism and respect for the state symbols of the country.

At the same time, at the initiative of the Bishkek Mayor’s Office, the old flagpole (18 meters) on the central Ala-Too square was replaced with a new flagpole (45 meters) with a flag measuring 10×15 meters, made by special order in Turkey. The solemn ceremony of raising the State flag of Kyrgyzstan of new sizes and on a new flagpole took place in the capital on June 11, 2009 with the participation of President K.S. Bakiev and other officials.

The state flag of the Kyrgyz Republic was approved by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan on March 3, 1992. The first flag of independent Kyrgyzstan was raised on March 5, 1992 over the building of the Government House in the city of Bishkek.

The national flag of the Kyrgyz Republic is a red cloth, in the center of which there is a round sun disc with forty evenly diverging golden rays. Inside the solar disk, a tundyuk of a Kyrgyz yurt is depicted in red. The width of the flag is three-fifths of its length. The diameter of the radiant disc is three-fifths of the flag’s width. The ratio of the diameters of the solar and radiant disks is three to five. The diameter of the tundyuk is half the diameter of the radiant disc.

The red monochromaticity of the flag symbolizes valor and courage, the golden Sun, bathing in its rays, personifies peace and wealth, and the tundyuk is a symbol of the father’s house, in a broader sense, and the world as a universe. 40 rays united in a circle mean the unification of 40 ancient tribes into a single Kyrgyzstan. Tyundyuk symbolizes the unity of the peoples living in the country. The red color of the flag is considered the color of the flag of the Kyrgyz epic hero Manas.

Today, on this holiday, in many cities of the country, solemn mass processions and rallies are held with the participation of representatives of the authorities, the public and young people.

Mother’s Day in Georgia – Celebrated on March 3

Mother’s Day in Georgia, annually celebrated on March 3, was established in Georgia at the suggestion of the first President of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia, and in 1991 the decision to celebrate this bright holiday for everyone was legalized by the Supreme Council of Georgia.

At that time, it was assumed that Mother’s Day would replace International Women’s Day in Georgia, traditionally celebrated on March 8. However, both holidays are still celebrated in Georgia. At the same time, it is noteworthy that there is not a single “male” day in the Georgian holiday calendar yet.

The goal of Mother’s Day is high and good – to support the traditions of caring for women, to consolidate family foundations, to especially note the importance in our life of the main person – Mother.

Mother’s Day in Georgia is a family holiday. It is the children who must learn who their mother is for them, what she did for them and what respect she deserves. After all, there is nothing more beautiful and disinterested than mother’s love. As the sun sends out its rays, warming all life on earth, so the love of a mother always warms a child.

Recall that in Russia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in November, and in most Western countries – on the second Sunday in May.

Happy Christmas 2020: Make these happy messages on Christmas WhatsApp Status

Christmas Wishes Message (Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas 2020): Only two days are left in Christmas. It is Christmas on 25 December. The Christmas festival is celebrated to celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a lot of enthusiasm in the country and abroad for this festival. Preparations for Christmas celebrations have been completed almost everywhere. Almost all the Christmas decorations and preparations in malls, churches, and schools have been completed or are in their final stages.

Along with this, people have started preparing for the new year celebration. On this occasion, people also send Christmas greetings to their friends, home, family. If you want to wish your loved ones Christmas in some special way, then you can wish them through these messages…

Merry christmas festival of love and happiness
May this festival fill every color in your life
Merry christmas

This is a prayer to Jesus on Christmas,
Give us so much power so that we can fulfill our own desires.
Merry christmas


Love for everyone in everyone’s heart,
Every day is a festival of happiness,
Come with this hope, forget all the grief,
Let us all do something like this on Christmas Welcome
Merry christmas

Christmas is every moment with friends,
This world of friendship is crazy
Life is useless without friends
Life is out of friends only,
Merry christmas

This Christmas Your Life Like A Christmas Tree,
Green and the future shines like stars!
Merry christmas

Merry Christmas 2020: Decorate the Christmas tree in this way, everyone will praise

While decorating the Christmas tree, make sure that the thicker the branches of the tree, the more lights will be needed to decorate the tree.

Only two days are left for Christmas. It is the main festival of Christianity. Christmas is on December 25, but from now on, the preparations are being made with much fanfare and loud noise in malls and markets. Decorations of Santa and Christmas tree can be seen in many places. This Christmas, if you also want to decorate the Christmas tree in your home, then you can take help of these tips…

Before decorating the Christmas tree, consider that you want to give the room a little warm or cool feel. If you want to give the room a slightly cool look, then use white sparkling lights. It makes you feel a little cold. At the same time, the light white lights look quite traditional and produces a relaxed and good-looking effect.

Before decorating the Christmas tree, you also need to consider its width and height. It can be understood in this way that, if you decorate a 14-foot Christmas tree, it has about 1000 lights and can put more than 160 snowflakes.

But if you want to decorate a small Christmas tree, for its decoration, choose bulbs with small lights that look beautiful on the branches. At the same time, choose big bulbs to decorate a Christmas tree larger than 6 feet.

While decorating the Christmas tree, make sure that the thicker the branches of the tree, the more lights will be needed to decorate the tree. Also take care of where you want to decorate your tree in the room and how far it is from the plug socket. So that there is no problem in connecting the lights.

Christmas 2020: These expensive gifts can be bought for only 100 rupees on Christmas

Often people like to give gifts to their friends and relatives on the occasion of Christmas. Many times during Christmas, the Secret Santa himself comes and goes without placing the gift of gift in the socks without knowing.

Christmas or any other festival when we have to buy gifts for our loved ones, many times there is no understanding of what to take such a gift, then it should be useful for the front and we do not have too much burden on our pocket So let us know this time that on Christmas day you can give to your special people in your budget which gifts…

Chocolate: Chocolate is such a gift item, from children to elders, they like it very much. In addition, chocolate is also a gift that is in your budget. If you want, you can also buy a pack of chocolates in the range of 100 rupees from the market. As the quality and packing of chocolate will increase, its price will also increase. If you want, you can make chocolate in your home too.

Teddy Bear: Not only girls but many women also die on Teddy Bear. If you want, you can also buy it from the market or online. You can get a teddy bear from Rs 100 to Rs 2500 very easily. If you take a teddy bear of very large size then it may cost you a bit.

Fragrance burner or scented candle: Nowadays, a fragrance burner and an aromatic candle have a lot of crazes. People use it to freshen up the mood in their homes. It also gives a slightly romantic feel. If you buy it from the local market, then tell that its range starts from Rs 100.

Jhaler with clips: Nowadays Jhalar with clips is quite a craze to give in gifts. In this clip, you can also decorate a picture of happy moments spent with your friends, family or partner. If you buy it online, you can also get it for the price of Rs 298. If you want, you can prepare it at home for less than this.

Merry Christmas 2020: How to decorate the Christmas tree, all will be seen

Merry Christmas 2020: Christmas festival will be celebrated on 25 December. Christmas is the main festival of Christianity. People celebrate it with much fanfare and loud noise. On this occasion, people decorate the Christmas tree in their house. But many times people decorate the Christmas tree in a hurry, due to which the tree looks less attractive. Let us know some special tips for decorating the Christmas tree…

  • Take special care of the lights while decorating the Christmas tree. White sparkling lights make you feel a bit cold, while light white lights seem quite traditional and create a soft and soothing effect. Before decorating you also need to consider the width and height of the Christmas tree.
  • For decoration of small Christmas tree, choose bulbs with small lights that look beautiful on the branches. At the same time, choose big bulbs to decorate a Christmas tree larger than 6 feet.

While decorating the Christmas tree, keep in mind that the thicker the branches of the tree, the more lights will be needed to decorate the tree.

  • Where do you want to decorate your tree in the room and how far is it from the plug socket. So that there is no problem in connecting the lights.
  • In the room where Christmas tree decoration is done, do not keep it close to the wall, keep it a little away from the wall so that you can move around it so that you do not have any problem while decorating it.

Christmas 2020: Instant chocolate cake will make Christmas party special

Instant chocolate cake recipe (Christmas 2020): Christmas festival is coming. Markets have been decorated for Christmas and everyone is preparing for Christmas. The Christmas festival is incomplete without cake. So today we have brought for you such a chocolate cake recipe that will be ready immediately. Let’s know how you can make Chocolate Cake this Christmas (Christmas 2020). Are you ready to try these cooking tips?

Two packet chocolate biscuits
1 tbsp powdered sugar
A little butter or ghee (for baking)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup milk
Cream for Garnish (Optional)

How to make Instant Chocolate Cake:

To make an instant chocolate cake, first of all, take a biscuit of chocolate flavor and stir it in the mixie so that the powder becomes fine.

Now add powdered sugar and whipped milk mixed in this biscuit powder and mix well. Keep mixing it until the batter is ready like a cake.

To bake the cake, grease a pot with butter or ghee. Put the cake batter in the pot.

Preheat the oven. Add the cake batter to it. If you do not have an oven, you can also make this cake in a cooker.

It will take 30 minutes to make the cake in the cooker and also have to open the lid in between to see that the cake does not burn.

Take your cake is ready. If you have a chocolate syrup, you can decorate the cake with cream and chocolate syrup and fruits. Apart from this, you can also decorate the cake with James.