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Leopard came in stifle, hunted dog sleeping outside the house like this; View VIDEO

In Maharashtra’s Nashik district, a leopard hunted a pet dog sleeping outside the house. A video of leopard hunting has also surfaced on social media. It is seen in the video that in the silence of the night, this leopard reaches near the house. After this the leopard enters the premises of the house from the boundary made of iron.

It is seen that a dog is sleeping outside the house. This leopard silently moves slowly towards the dog. After reaching very close to the dog, this leopard suddenly attacks him. From watching the video, it seems that the work of the dog gets completed in a single attack of the leopard. After this, the leopard grabs the dog in its jaw and goes away with its feet. This video is of a house in straw village of Nashik. It is seen in the video that the leopard, after grabbing the dog, slowly goes towards the bushes and then disappears.

Let us tell you that recently a similar news came from Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh. Near Udayagiri in Vidisha, the leopard had made a dog prey near Dayodal Goshal. On Friday, the forest department team here tried to trace the leopard through its footprints but nothing could be traced. A day earlier, a leopard had entered the same cowshed and killed a calf. Here the forest department officials had expressed the apprehension that the leopard’s age is around 6-7 years.


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