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How will migrants return to work? There are no tickets in trains, there is three hundred waiting till June, know the condition of Bihar to UP-Jharkhand

Indian Railways is now unlocked. Migrants have started returning to the metros in search of work. Twenty days ago, in the trains which did not have 20 percent passengers, now the waiting is 300 per cent. The occupancy level has also increased from 40 to 140 percent. This is especially the situation in most of the trains going from Purvanchal, Bihar-Jharkhand to Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi. On Thursday, ‘Hindustan’ investigated the operation of trains in four states and the availability of seats, then these facts came to the fore.

In the second wave of Corona, the condition of operation of trains was different. The wheels of the trains did not stop completely. Trains continued to run according to the number of passengers and the need. In April-May, many trains had to be canceled due to less passengers. Now the situation is improving. Somewhere the frequency of special trains is being increased, while somewhere new trains are being prepared.

No seat in UP train till July

Trains running from all the stations of Gorakhpur, Varanasi and Prayagraj or Meerut, Agra, Bareilly and Moradabad in the west have started getting overcrowded. In some, seats are not available till the entire month of July. The biggest crowd is for Mumbai. These days the seat occupancy in Mumbai-Pune trains is more than 140 percent. For Delhi also the seat occupancy has reached close to 125 percent. The same is the case with trains like Raptisagar, Kamayani, Kerala and Tamil Nadu Express connecting South India. In the first phase, the North Eastern Railway has announced to start the operation of 10 trains by June 13, while the operation of 22 trains will start as soon as they get the green signal from the Railway Board. These trains will be operated by Lucknow, Varanasi and Izzatnagar divisions. Northern Railway is also going to start operating some trains from June 14.

huge number of passengers in bihar train

More or less, there has been an increase in the number of passengers in the trains of Bihar for the last one week. Long waiting (between two hundred and four hundred) is running in all trains from Patna to New Delhi, Mumbai, Yesvantpur, Secunderabad, Vasco da Gama, Pune, Ernakulam, Howrah and Bangalore. Trains have started running at full capacity from various stations of the state. Rajesh Kumar, Chief Public Relations Officer of East Central Railway said that 100 percent seats are being filled in all trains going to different states from different stations of the state including Patna, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Patliputra, Danapur, Rajendra Nagar Terminal.

Operation of additional special train started in Jharkhand

In Jharkhand too, the congestion in trains has increased. Trains from Ranchi to Gujarat, Maharashtra and Delhi do not have reserved berths. A large number of people from adjoining districts are leaving for the metros. In Hatia Pune Express 122 waiting in Two S class, 280 in Sleeper and 64 waiting in Third AC class are running. Apart from this, 139 waiting in 2S class, 240 in sleeper, 70 in third AC and 14 in second AC are running in Hatia-LTT special train going to Mumbai. There are 332 waiting times in Delhi going Garib Rath Express. This is the situation throughout the month of June. In order to clear the rush of passengers, additional special trains have also been started by the Railways for Pune and Yesvantpur.

Occupancy reached 200 percent in June in comparison to May in Delhi

The occupancy in the trains coming from different states to the capital Delhi has reached 200 percent in June as compared to May. Earlier due to Corona infection, where fewer people were traveling less. At the same time, after the unlock, now the number of people traveling by rail has increased. Keeping in view the demand, the railways has increased the frequency on the busy routes. In view of the corona infection, only the passengers with reserved tickets are allowed to travel in the train, so that there is no problem in maintaining social distance. According to the data, train number 03483, which runs between Malda and Old Delhi, had an occupancy of 222 per cent on June 8. That is, there were 122 people who booked tickets but could not come to Delhi due to lack of seats. Exactly a month ago on May 7, this train had 78 percent occupancy, that is, 22 percent seats were vacant. Despite having a seat in the train, no one was traveling in it. Trains going from Delhi, especially Bihar’s occupancy are also running at 100%. For example, train number 02392 from New Delhi to Rajgir had 117 percent occupancy on June 8.

Canceled trains will return on track

Due to the increase in the number of passengers, the Railways has decided to bring the canceled train back on track. Northern Railway has decided to run 33 pairs of trains again. According to the railways, Anand Vihar to Danapur Express is being started from June 11, Old Delhi to Tanakpur Purnagiri Janshatabdi Express from June 12, New Delhi to Agra Cantonment and Bareilly Intercity from June 14. Similarly, till June 18, trains are being started for Kathgodam, Chennai, Una, Madgaon, Jaipur, Udhampur etc.


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