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Former US Ambassador spoke about Biden’s “tough” approach to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden is ready to push Ukraine towards reforms “sometimes in a tough form,” but “with good intentions,” according to Ukrinform, former US Ambassador to Kiev Stephen Pifer said this during an online conference.

“President Biden is ready to push Ukraine towards reforms and, perhaps, even sometimes in a harsh form with good intentions – to implement key steps that will be politically difficult, but necessary if Ukraine wants to emerge as a successful state and realize its full potential,” the opinion of the ex-diplomat.

According to him, both in the West and in Ukraine there is a certain concern due to the slowdown of reforms in the country over the past year, as well as a pause in the IMF lending program.

As Pifer said, pushing for reforms would be beneficial for Ukraine anyway, even if not everyone welcomes the pressure from Washington. At the same time, Kiev, in his opinion, “needs to take advantage of the opportunities” to consolidate reforms and take real measures to curb corruption.

“Joe Biden is exactly the partner that Ukraine needs now,” the ex-ambassador added.
Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, in an interview with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, promised Kiev active economic and military assistance. Blinken said the US “prioritizes Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.”

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