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Farmer leaders could not tell what they want, it is clear that there is some hidden agenda: Anil Vij

Farmers’ agitation against three agricultural laws continues. Meanwhile, Haryana’s Minister of Manohar Lal Khattar government Anil Vij has said that this protest is not against the three agriculture laws but some agenda is hidden behind it. In a conversation with the news agency ‘ANI’, Anil Vij said that ‘Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar is always ready to talk to the farmers. 11-12 times, those people have also met.

“Farmer leaders are not talking about their objections to the law. It is clear from this that this movement is not about 3 agricultural laws, but they have some agenda hidden behind it. Even before this, Anil Vij had said that whenever farmers want to talk, the government of the country will be ready for talks. But we have repeatedly asked him to explain with reasoning what is his problem with the law? We will listen and come up with another solution.

However, let us tell you that on Wednesday, amidst the ongoing agitation of the farmers, Mamta Banerjee had met Rakesh Tikait, the leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union. During this meeting, the Chief Minister of West Bengal had assured the farmers that she would continue to support their protest. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also been talking about supporting the farmers. He had also said that many protesters have died at the protest site, yet the farmers’ movement continues.

Along with this, Anil Vij has also reacted to the statement of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in which the Congress leader questioned the non-availability of free vaccine in private hospitals. On this, Anil Vij has said that ‘Now Rahul Gandhi brings out such a question every day, due to which the people of his party have started leaving him.’


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