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Exclusive: Tej Pratap did not meet Manjhi like this, Lalu also talked to him for 10 minutes on the phone… Now ‘Lalu Leela’ hobe in Bihar?

Bihar Politics: If anything is different in the politics of Bihar, then its meaning is also big. Tej Pratap and Manjhi’s meeting was also not an ordinary meeting. Tej Pratap went inside but Lalu spoke… know the inside story


  • Tej Pratap did not just meet Jitan Ram Manjhi
  • Lalu also talked to Manjhi for 10 minutes from the phone
  • This meeting was no ordinary meeting
  • Will ‘Lalu Leela’ happen in Bihar now?

Lalu’s elder son Tej Pratap suddenly approaches Jitan Ram Manjhi of the NDA camp. The meeting between the two goes on for a long time. After coming out, Manjhi says that Tej Pratap is forming a non-political organization in which he wants to include leaders of all parties. Here Tej Pratap says that when he was passing near uncle’s house, he thought that I should meet him. But is this the truth? You will be surprised to know what reliable sources have told NBT. This meeting was not an ordinary meeting.

Lalu also talked to Manjhi for 10 minutes on the phone
When Tej Pratap reached Jitan Ram Manjhi’s house, he stayed inside for a long time. During this, NBT Bihar spoke to a trusted source present there. You will be surprised to know that during this time Jitan Ram Manjhi also talked to Lalu Yadav for 10 minutes. It was not told what happened during this time, but yes, Tej Pratap got this thing done by calling from his mobile.

Obviously this meeting was not common. Now there was talk with Lalu only about congratulations on Manjhi’s birthday or on any other issue, but this conversation has created panic in the political atmosphere. However, so far no statement has come from Manjhi’s party on whether this meeting is full political. At the same time, there is peace in both the NDA and the Grand Alliance.
Tej Pratap knows how to stay in the limelight
However there is another side of the coin as well. Lalu’s big Lal Tej Pratap knows how to stay in the limelight. Every now and then he always finds an opportunity for this. In this episode, on the birthday of his father Lalu Yadav, he suddenly went to the party of Nitish camp. The meeting was with HAM Chief and former CM Jitan Ram Manjhi but it gave fuel to many speculations.

Video: Have you played in Bihar now? Know why Tej Pratap met his ‘Uncle’ Jitan Ram Manjhi

On the other hand, Jitan Ram Manjhi said that Tej Pratap had come to meet Lalu on the occasion of his birthday. According to Manjhi Tej Pratap wants to form a non-political organization in which there is an attempt to connect senior leaders in all parties. On the other hand, Tej Pratap also described Manjhi as ‘Uncle’ in a very strict manner and said that there is always a mingling in the family. Let us tell you that recently Tej Pratap had threatened to open the secret of Manjhi’s bungalow. But suddenly the trend seems to be changing.


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