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Covid-19 infected woman was missing for a week, dead body found in rotten condition on the eighth floor of the hospital; the sensation

Sensation has spread after the body of a woman infected with Covid-19 was found in a decomposed condition from the 8th floor of Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai. It is being told that this woman was missing for about a week. A 41-year-old woman, Sunita, had difficulty in breathing in the month of May, after which she was admitted to the hospital. Sunita’s husband Molly lives in West Thambram. He has told that after giving lunch to his wife on 22 May, he left the house. After this, when he returned home on 23 May, his wife was not present in the house. When Molly tried to find his wife in the nearby hospital, she was not found there either.

Molly then lodged a verbal complaint and then went home to take a picture of his wife so that the police could identify his wife. Molly claims that due to the lockdown, he could not follow-up the complaint made by him. On Tuesday, the staff of Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital felt the foul smell coming from the 8th floor of the hospital.

No work was done on this floor. When the employees went to this floor and investigated, they found the dead body of a woman in a very bad condition. Thereafter the body was brought to the mortuary. On the basis of suspicion, Molly was contacted and she was asked to come to the hospital. After reaching the hospital, he identified the dead body of the woman as that of his missing wife Sunita.

Now in this case the hospital administration claims that Sunita’s oxygen level was at 72 and she was admitted on the third floor of the hospital. Talking to ‘India Today’, the dean of the hospital, Thenarirajan said that ‘the infected patient was missing since May 23 and his body was found on May 8 in a bad condition. He was admitted on the third floor of the hospital after he complained of breathlessness. The only way to reach the 8th floor is by elevator.

He has also informed that in this case the police have taken the CCTV footage of the hospital and it is being investigated. So far the police have not said anything about the footage.


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