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Chhapra News: Shahabuddin’s son met Prabhunath Singh in Chhapra, former MP from Hazaribagh jail on parole

Former MP Shahabuddin’s son Osama went to Mashrak in Chapra and met former MP Prabhunath Singh. Earlier, Prabhunath Singh’s son and former RJD MLA Randhir Kumar Singh had met Osama in Siwan.


  • Former MP Shahabuddin’s son met former MP Prabhunath Singh
  • Osama met Prabhnath Singh in Chhapra’s Mashrak
  • Prabhunath Singh has come out on parole from Hazaribagh Jail

Osama, son of former Siwan MP Late Shahabuddin, met Prabhunath Singh, former MP of Maharajganj on Friday at his residence in Mashrak. The meeting of both lasted for about an hour. Many issues were discussed in this meeting.

No one gave a statement to the media after the meeting. Recently, Shahabuddin died of corona in Delhi. After which many speculations started about Shahabuddin’s family and relations with RJD. There was a lot of discussion in the political circles that Shahabuddin’s family was angry with the RJD leadership.

The displeasure of Shahabuddin’s family was strengthened when Lalu Prasad’s elder son Tej Pratap Yadav along with Lalu-Lashkar reached Siwan to meet Osama. This meeting was seen to be linked to the displeasure of Shahabuddin’s family.

Former MP Prabhunath Singh has come to Mashrak after being released on parole from Hazaribagh Jail to attend his nephew’s wedding. Prabhunath Singh is meeting many people while attending the family function. But completely refrained from talking to journalists as they are on the payroll. Osama also declined to make any statement and said that he had come to attend a family function.


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