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CBSE 10th Result: Average marks will be prepared by giving priority to Standard Mathematics

CBSE The average marks in the 10th result is to be obtained by combining basic and standard mathematics. But if a school does not have the option of three years average marks, then they will prepare the result on the average of standard mathematics. As the average marks in Mathematics subject was implemented from 2020. In such a situation, the result of mathematics will be prepared according to 2020. At the same time, the school in the session 2018-19 will be given average marks according to standard mathematics. This instruction has been given by CBSE to all the schools. 10 points have been sent by the board to the schools by making Q&A. In this, the board has given the answer to those problems, due to which all the schools are facing problems in preparing the result of mathematics.

According to the board, two mathematics studies are being conducted from 2020. It includes Basic and Standard Mathematics. Schools have to combine Basic and Standard Mathematics to work out such average marks, which can match the criteria sent by the board. It is to be known that right now most of the schools are facing maximum difficulty in preparing the 10th result in Mathematics subject. In Basic and Standard, the Board has given more priority to Standard Mathematics.

According to the board, all the schools were very confused about giving marks in Mathematics. But the board has cleared all the confusions in ten points.


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