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Campus Placement 2021: Abhinav of IIT ISM Dhanbad gets Rs 81 lakh package

Campus Placement 2021 at IIT ISM Dhanbad : Banipreet Raheja, a dual degree computer science student at IIT ISM Dhanbad, created history. Banipreet has got an offer of Rs 90 lakhs annual pay package. IIT Dhanbad has the highest package ever. Banipreet is a student of Computer Science Engineering Dual Degree course. At the same time, Abhinav Bajpai, a student of the same branch, has also got an annual pay package of Rs. Both the students have been selected by Bloomberg London off campus. Both the students have been posted in London. Both will leave for London to join in August. Recently, Google had given a pay package of 54.57 lakh annually to seven students of computer science of IIT Dhanbad. Earlier in the year 2012, Facebook had given the maximum package of 56 lakhs to Rachna, a student of computer science.

Increasing craze of IIT Dhanbad
The craze of IITs is increasing in campus placements. So far 675 students of the year 2021 batch have been placed on campus. 91 students have got pre placement offers. Foreign companies are taking meritorious students hand-in-hand. So far 144 companies have been registered for campus placements. The minimum pay package of the institute is given by KEC International at Rs 4.25 lakh. Vedanta ESL has given Rs 4.37 lakh. It is expected that soon this number of placements can reach close to 700. The campus placement results of many companies are awaited. So far, more than 30 students have received a pay package of more than Rs 40 lakh. Japanese company LinkWiz has also given a package of Rs 48.13 lakh.

Study and keep coding: Banipreet
Banipreet Raheja, who took admission in dual degree computer science engineering in IIT ISM Dhanbad in the year 2016, says that study hard and keep coding. Work hard Success will surely come. Banipreet’s father Paramjit Singh, a resident of Lucknow Charbagh, is a businessman and mother Ramneet Kaur is a housewife. The youngest of three siblings, Banipreet’s elder sister is working in Microsoft. Her younger sister is studying. He said that for success you have to walk with a goal. Stayed at IIT Dhanbad for five years. The campus and the friends here will be greatly missed.

Assess yourself how much to study: Abhinav
Abhinav Bajpai, a resident of Indore, who reached IIT ISM on Friday to collect his belongings, gave a message to his juniors asking them to study regularly. Neither more nor less, assess yourself how much you have to study. Choose an honest and hardworking friend in studies. Improve communication skills. You must apply for on campus as well as off campus. Off campus is not difficult. You too can be successful in this. You just have to study properly. Now that I am leaving the campus, I will miss my friends from IIT too. Father Pradeep Kumar Bajpai and mother Suruchi Bajpai are both teachers. Abhinav is their only child. He had enrolled in dual degree course at IIT Dhanbad in the year 2016.


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