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Bihar Coronavirus: Poor mother, victim of corona scam in Bihar, son dies due to symptoms like Kovid but hospital did not investigate

Bihar Coronavirus Death Compensation: In Bihar, the son of a widow died of corona. But the negligence of the hospital has deprived him of compensation.


  • Poor mother victim of corona scam in Bihar
  • Son dies in Ara Sadar Hospital due to corona-like symptoms
  • But neither during treatment nor after death, the hospital did the investigation.
  • Now the widowed mother is forced to rub her heels for compensation

Chandan Kumar, Arrah:
Just imagine what must have happened to the woman who died of sorrow, whose husband got caught in the cheek of Kaal a year ago. Then recently his son was made his victim by Corona. But now to prove the death of the same son from corona, the mother has to rub her heels in front of the system. Exactly this is happening in Bhojpur district..

Lost first husband and now son
The laborer lost her husband about a year ago. In the second wave of Corona period this year, the only earning son of 30 years also lost the battle of life due to symptoms like corona. Now the widowed mother has to fight with the system to prove the death of her son from Corona. The victim’s mother has even corresponded with the Ara Sadar Hospital management and the district administration, but the result is cipher.

This is a sad story of a poor upper caste family in Bhojpur district. Besides the 56-year-old widowed mother, only a 20-year-old young daughter is left in the family. Now apart from the maintenance of both, the worry of daughter’s marriage is also haunting the widowed mother. There is a strange silence in Pawan Singh’s house in the southern part of Narhi village of Koilwar block of Bhojpur district. Now only two members mother and daughter are left in this house while two male members father Pawan Singh and son Ravi have died.

Widow Manju Kunar is somehow surviving with her daughter Khushboo in the house. In the course of the conversation, she says that ‘Now the longing to live life is over but I am living only for the daughter. After the death of the husband, the son had given the consolation to live in peace. But he said goodbye to the world without fulfilling the last wish of his sister’s marriage.

Manju further says, ‘My son passed away while running to take advantage of the housing scheme. Now there is no help. Till now the son’s death certificate from Corona has not even been received.

Ravi became a victim of Corona when he went round the government offices
After losing his father, Ravi Shankar Singh was constantly running in Koilwar block to get the roof of the government housing scheme for his family living in failure. The housing assistant had told him to put his name in the portal of Indira Awas. Who knew that even after millions of efforts, he would not even be able to enter the home of his house and himself would say goodbye to the world at the age of 30.

According to the people around, Ravi wanted to make his only sister yellow from the new house itself. Mother’s love was giving her the courage to live, but after being admitted to the hospital on symptoms of corona, her breath broke. Now a mountain of sorrow has broken on the whole family, if this widowed mother and daughter finally go, where should they go and tell their painful tales to whom?

Son died of corona but from where did Manju get the proof of death?
Somebody told widow Manju Kunar that on her death from Corona, she was getting Rs 4 lakh as compensation from the government. On this, she asks from where did she get the proof of her son’s death from Corona? On May 10, the mother admitted her son Ravi Shankar to Ara Sadar Hospital after he had difficulty in breathing.

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There, Ravi died in the emergency ward in the evening of the next day itself. Look at the working style of Ara Sadar Hospital that even after having symptoms in the deadly second wave of corona, the hospital management did not get it tested for corona. Therefore, there is no record of Ravi’s death due to corona in Sadar Hospital.

Negligence of hospital administration
On Wednesday itself, the government admitted that there has been gross negligence in sending the death toll of corona victims from the districts. It seems that Ravi’s death certificate also fell victim to this negligence. The death occurred due to corona-like symptoms but the hospital administration did not get it investigated.

The widowed mother alleges that on showing symptoms, it was the responsibility of the hospital management to get the son tested for corona or even after his death. By which it would have come to know that his son died of corona. But the Sadar Hospital management did not listen to him and the helpless widow mother has now corresponded with the hospital management and district administration in this regard and has requested Corona to get death certificate and compensation.


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