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Bhutan vaccinated 90% of the people in 2 weeks, India had gifted 5.5 lakh vaccines

Surrounded by mountains, Bhutan has successfully faced Corona so far. While its borders meet India and China which have been badly affected by the global pandemic. Bhutan surprised the world in April this year by vaccinating more than 90 per cent of adults (over the age of 18) in just two weeks.

Bhutan started corona vaccination on 27 March 2021. The Lancet magazine praised Bhutan. He also said that the well-resourced countries of Europe and the Middle East, which have a population almost as much as Bhutan and which introduced vaccination months ago, are lagging behind this mountainous country. However, Bhutan has the advantage of having a low population of 7.5 lakh and has set an example of immunization of over 4.7 lakh eligible adults in a short span of time.

India gifted 5.5 lakh vaccines

India gifted 5.5 lakh doses of Kovishield to Bhutan in January and March. The highly religious-majority Buddhist country had to wait until an auspicious date and time to introduce vaccination in Buddhist astrology. March 27 was fixed for this and a 30-year-old woman born in the Monkey Year was given the first dose of the vaccine, born in the Monkey Year itself and Sister Tshering Jangmo, 30 years old, and thus vaccination started in Bhutan.
Even obstacles like high mountains and icy river could not stop

A special feature of Bhutan is that many communities here live in remote geographical areas. One has to cross high mountains and icy rivers to reach these areas. But the government, taking forward the vaccination campaign in a coordinated manner, established contact with the residents of all these remote areas and delivered the vaccine.

managed to remove the hesitation

Health workers also faced a lot of difficulty in persuading the people of rural areas of Bhutan, who are isolated and isolated from the world, for the vaccine. Local volunteers and health workers, along with the head of the area, explained to the people that taking the vaccine would not cause any side effects and it was very important to maintain good health.

contribution of volunteers

After the spread of corona infection, the government realized that volunteers can also help health and other ministries. In view of this, the Yansevi scheme has been strengthened and refined, as a result of which, they have become a key part of Bhutan’s success in dealing with COVID-19 effectively. They provide logistical support for immunization programs to the Ministry of Health and oversee quarantine facilities. He also played an effective role in implementing the lockdown and distribution of food and important items during that time.

only one death from corona so far

So far, Corona has been largely under control in Bhutan. So far only 1739 cases of infection have been reported here. And only one person has died because of this. While 1424 people have been cured so far.


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