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After all, Twitter bowed before the strictness of the central government, said- ready to accept the new IT rules

The effect of the central government’s strictness regarding the new IT rules is now visible. After the strict stand of the central government, social media platform Twitter has agreed to accept the new IT rules. Twitter has written to the government saying that the appointment of Chief Compliance Officer is being finalized as per the new IT rules. Let us tell you that in the past, the central government had given the last warning to Twitter and asked to face the consequences for not following the rules.

Official sources said that Twitter has written to the government saying that additional information related to the new rules will be submitted to the government in a week. In response to the government’s final notice on June 5, Twitter said it was making reasonable efforts to comply with the new guidelines. But has been unable to do so due to the global impact of the Corona pandemic.

According to sources, this letter was sent by Twitter to the Ministry of Electronics and IT on June 7. A Twitter spokesperson said that the company has been and will remain fully committed to India. He said that we have assured the Government of India that Twitter is doing everything possible to comply with the new guidelines. We will continue our constructive dialogue with the government.

Recently, in the notice of the Central Government, it was said that this is the last warning. If the rules are still not followed, action will be taken against Twitter under the IT Act and other penal laws. Twitter’s intermediary status may be abolished, eliminating many of the exemptions that Twitter has got. This may make it difficult for Twitter to operate in India.

The ministry had said that although these rules are effective from May 26, 2021, but in good faith, Twitter Inc is given an opportunity to comply with the rules through a final notice. He has to comply with the rules immediately. If she fails in this, the exemption from the liability which she has got will be forfeited. Also, he has to be ready for action under the IT Act and other penal provisions.


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